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Employee Occupational Health Services – An Overview

Health and wellbeing at the office is afflicted with a variety of factors such as for instance physical, social, intellectual and emotional. On the recent years, workplace wellness has become immensely popular, with an increased quantity of employers taking fascination with the health and wellbeing of their employees ensuring job satisfaction and increased productivity levels. Employee health screening is a series of checks and tests that help in identifying the risks to employee’s health. It can help in improving their overall wellbeing. They feature many benefits for their employees. Screening really helps to curb any illness, it may be a minor problem or more severe health issue. In addition they help in promoting the health of their by offering lifestyle advice and support concerning healthy diet, quitting smoking which reap long-term benefits for both workforce and the organisation as healthy workers will bring higher degrees of productivity and lower absenteeism. Browse the below mentioned site, if you are hunting for additional information about occupational health services.

A workforce can be an organisation’s most significant asset. So, the managers pay extra heed to employees’health promotion and their wellbeing. It is well observed that unhappy and ill employees are less productive, inefficient and possess higher rates of absenteeism in the workplace. When an employee’s health or wellbeing suffer, their quality of work also decreases which hampers the business enterprise operations. There are different types of employee health screening, such as for instance pre-employment health screening for new employees. It is good for identify any medical issues that must be in the knowledge of the employers that may affect their performance in the workplace during the span of employment. Employee health screening is a variety of tests which aim to provide a member of staff a broad breakdown of his health status and help detect the risk factors at the earliest. Sometimes, employees ignore the outward symptoms that will be an indicator of a significant illness. Such checkups motivate the employees to take immediate action to be able to protect their long-term health.

There are many risk factors which may be addressed by employee health screening and assist in promoting health awareness in the employees. A number of them are smoking, drinking alcohol, obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, poor diet and not enough exercise. Hence employee health screening really helps to measure height, weight, body mass index, blood pressure, heart rate, cholesterol, vision, blood glucose and lung health of an employee. Blood pressure screening is effective in reducing the risks of cardiovascular disease and strokes. Health screening offers an insight to the potential future problems. Individuals are supplied with an effect sheet of the test and appropriate guidance is given to enhance their health. They’re carried by trained professionals. A large number of people are unaware that they may have a significant problem. If not treated timely, it may result in future problems and long term illnesses. Employee health screening helps to identify the health threats and demonstrates that the employers are thoroughly dedicated in looking after their employees.

Employee Occupational Health Services – An Overview

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